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Anonymous: Where's all your NSFW stuff?

it lives on the derpybooru o___o




Richard Scaldwell’s 1908/1919 GN with a JAP V8 aero engine

Photos : Stefan Marjoram

THAT is cool. Great photos, too.

best automotive use of a blimp engine ever

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#inktober days 2 and 5-7

Materials used: strathmore toned tan paper, sharpie markers, orange Tombow marker brush pen, and uniball signo white gel pen


"You look tired today. Didn’t sleep well?"
"I… uh… had a commission to finish. You probably think I’m crazy."
"No… not really… I’ve stayed up ‘til the break of dawn more times than I care to count, finishing work that might easily waited another day." "It… doesn’t let you sleep either, does it?"

Got to Be Perfect was just published on my deviantArt page.

School takes up a lot of my time now, since I actually decided to get a grip and do it properly this semester. That means attendance, learning, rechecking, preparation, all like a person that actually wants to learn stuff.

Which I am.

This means I can’t make a picture a day, however. I’ll be lucky to make a picture a week.

And of course, just like Pixel Perfect, I have trouble just stopping my work and going to sleep.

I know that if I do, I’ll just toss and turn until I fall asleep hours later, waking up tired again because somehow, my own brain can’t just stop thinking.

Oh, it gets stupid, but it doesn’t stop.

Back to the image.

I’m not a fan of custom magic effects in general, but this one somehow really rings through for me, and was a lot of fun to make. Each particle has five distinct sizes the animation goes through discretely, giving it that nice expanding 8-bit feeling that fits so well, at least in my mind.

Likewise, I usually frown on the whole “my pony is a digital artist, just like me” thing. Arguments starting at “ponies don’t have miniaturized electronics” and ending around “you could really show some more creativity, you know, being an artist.”

But again, I just can’t mind with this pony. Maybe it’s because I decided to think up a background lore for the electronics first. Make it a bit bulkier, say it’s magic based. The LCD has two colored crystals in the back (sadly covered by staple gramophone), and was much more steampunk in the earlier stages of development.

I’ve done a lot of motion capture for this image while doing the animations all the way to four in the morning. I just hope they’re good enough, and it’s not just my brain telling me to stop and go to sleep.

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Day 4: Treats

It’s still the 4th in California! … I think

Anyways. I have such a thing for werewolf/vampire couples <3

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Locked, locked, locked and loaded,
and your words are the gun
Hold your breath,
put your finger on the trigger

And it’s one on one, one on one

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A controversial AD come from Sony PlayStation 2 campaign back in 2000

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this animation is beyond amazing

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Quality stream.